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Development and Bylaw Information

Development Process

The following attachment is a helpful tool for potential developers to understand the development process in municipalities across the Province.  It provides what a developer should expect when contemplating development work in a municipality and provides a detail of what process to take.  If you have any questions regarding the attachment please contact the municipal office.

Guide to Municipal Planning

Along with the development process information is always required about zoning and whether or not a potential development meets zoning requirements.  The following is a consolidated copy of the Zoning Bylaw for the Village of Bethune, along with any amendments to December 2012.

Zoning Bylaw 2/90 – Consolidated Amendments to 2023

Bethune Zoning Map 2015


The following are copies of bylaws currently in affect for the Village of Bethune.  A complete listing of bylaws are on file with the municipal office.

1991-1 Noise Bylaw

1995-01 Transient Traders Bylaw

1999-01 Licensing Home Based Businesses

2005-12 Burning Bylaw

2005-13 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

2005-14 Public Notice Policy

2006-09 Penalties

2009-06 Fireworks Bylaw

2010-03 Building Bylaw

2010-04 Firearms Bylaw

2010 06 Noise Bylaw Amendment

2010-07 Building.Bylaw Amendment

2011-02 Waste Collection

2011-03 Administrative Bylaw

2012-03 Swimming Pool Bylaw

2013-07 Traffic Bylaw

2014-03 Sewer Hauling Rate Bulk

2015-05 Council Procedural Bylaw

2017 01 Resort Village of North Grove Fire Services Agreement

2017-03 Zoning amendment pt nw 24 20 24 2 RM 190

2017-05aPest Control Officers and Pest Control

2018-03 Fire Ban Issuance Process

2018-04 Mutual Aid Agreement RM of Craik town of Craik

2018-05 Code of Ethics and Conduct

2019-01 Bylaw to Enter into Agreement with RM re Landfill Funding

2019-04 Mutual Aid Agreement RM of Eyebrow and Town of Eyebrow


2019-05 Zoning amendment Solar Panels

2020-01 Fire Rates Amendment

2021-01 – Fire protective services Bylaw

2022-01 – Zoning Bylaw Amendment – Daycare Facilities

2022-02 – Minimum Tax Bylaw

2022-03 – Mill Rates Bylaw

2022-04 – Recreation Board Agreement

2022-05 – Bylaw to Repeal designation as Municipal Heritage Property

2023-01 – Bylaw to fix rates and charges for the use of consumption of water

2023-02 – Zoning Bylaw Amendment

2023-04 – For the Control of Dogs and Cats

2023-05 – Golf Carts Bylaw


All bylaws noted herein have been duly signed and sealed by the officers of the municipality.  Certified copies of the original bylaws may be obtained from the municipal office.


Sign corridor information and application:

Sign Corridor Application Form

Sign Corridor Policy